Insulae - 10/01/2024

Free Trial


You can sign-up to Insulae using an existing Google Account, Facebook Account or by registering a new account on Insulae itself. After logging in, fill in the form to describe your condominium's structure, and we will take care of the rest.

To register and apply for the free trial click on the button below:

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Terms & Conditions for the Insulae Free Trial

  1. The Insulae free trial runs for 30 days (ie. one month) after we have setup your condominium on the system. The Free Trial is on a no-commitment basis: you can cancel it at any time by contacting us or by letting the trial period elapse.

  2. All of Insulae's functionality will be available for you to test during the trial period including any new functionality that is released during the trial period. Contact us if you have any feedback, suggestions or queries about the system's functionality.

  3. These terms & conditions apply solely for the period during which you are making use of the Insulae free trial. A separate licensing agreement will be required at the end of your free trial.

  4. After submitting information about the condominium(s) you would like to add to Insulae, if your application is accepted, we will inform you by e-mail that your account is ready. We will also indicate to you the date upon which your free trial period will expire.

  5. You may submit multiple condominiums using this form. However, your free trial period will not be extended.

  6. The Insulae free trial is only available for condominiums within the Republic of Malta. If you'd like to apply for a condominium within a different country, please contact us.

  7. We may reject any application for a free trial, for any reason.

  8. All information supplied through the free trial form is handled in accordance with the Insulae privacy policy.

When you're ready to start your Insulae free trial, click on the button below:

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