Insulae - 10/01/2024


Insulae is a cloud-based condominium management system. It helps condominium administrators with the day-to-day running of the condominiums they are entrusted with by organising information in a way that is tailor-made for this purpose. This page serves as a comprehensive list of features that are available to Insulae subscribers.

Condominium Register

The system maintains a list of condominiums alongside a list of residential units, garages or property that they contain. The system keeps basic information about each condominium including its name, address and any additional contact information.

Member Register

For each condominium on the system, multiple administrators, residents and owners can be assigned. The system allows all such contacts to customize their names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and other information. Residents and owners must be assigned to one of the condominium's units. Furthermore, depending on their role within the condominium, different members will be given different access rights within the system.


Administrators may create condominium-wide announcements, similar to the message board that they would have setup within the physical common parts. All members receive an e-mail and optionally, a direct notification on their phones, with the contents of the announcement. All past announcements are available to view by each member.

Maintenance Request Tracking

Members may create maintenance requests for the attention of the administrators. Maintenance requests represent tasks that need to be taken care of by the administrators. The system allows administrators to mark maintenance requests as closed and they can also upload any related attachments/documents to each maintenance request. Administrators will be notified by e-mail whenever a new maintenance request is opened in one of their condominiums.

Contributions Tracking

Administrators may create a list of contributions that are due for each unit within their condominium and furthermore add any payments to mark contributions as settled. Administrators may assign different contribution payment methods for the different condominiums that they manage (incl. different bank account numbers, etc) which are visible to all members within a particular condominium. Finally, owners may view a list of past contributions for their units and will receive regular reminders by e-mails for any overdue contributions which remain unpaid.

Join Requests and Invitations

Members must first request to join a specific condominium with the approval of the administrators. This ensures that the system never reveals information to anyone who does not belong to a specific condominium. Administrators may also choose to send e-mail invitations to potential members, asking them to join the condominium.

Single Sign-on Authentications

Anyone wishing to login to Insulae may do so either by using their Google Account, Facebook Account or by creating an account on Insulae directly. Logged in users will only ever see the information that is related to their condominium and that is accessible for their role (eg. tenants/residents will not see contributions information).


Insulae is available for professional condominium companies, self-employed condominium administrators and even volunteer administrators. Reach out to use via our Contact Page or by sending us a message on to start a free trial of Insulae.